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AERO - Flight Time Music Generator

AERO is a standalone Mac desktop app, that uses airport flight time data to generate a musical score.

NOTE: The track above is just an example of the app playing. The BONUS ITEM included with the track is the app itself.

AERO downloads real-time flight data from four different airports – Los Angeles (LAX), New York (JFK), Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) and Washington DC/Dulles (IAD), and uses the data to generate a very minimal musical score that is always-changing as the flight data is updated. The tones are created by a synthesizer programmed into the app.
The resulting music can range from sparse, simple melodic fragments, to short flurries of notes, and chords. Occasionally, there may be extended periods of silence as well.
AERO takes the otherwise dry (and sometimes stress-inducing) data of flight arrivals and departures and turns it into delicate generative music.

INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the download, drop the app on your desktop(Mac only), make sure you are connected to the internet, and let it play (NOTE: as mentioned, there can be extended periods of silence, and that may occur at the beginning upon launching the app. If you don't hear anything upon starting it up, click the "setup" button to make sure your audio is on, and then wait for the music to start). Also, if a long sustaining tone holds for an extended time(and seems "stuck"), it will eventually clear. Alternatively, you can simply quit and restart the app.


released May 7, 2014

Gregory Reeves is a Los Angeles-based composer, electronic artist, and musician. He has created original music and sound design for clients like A&E, History Channel, FUEL TV, Universal, EA Games, Nike, and many more. His sound art and installation work includes pieces for the Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, as well as creating a soundscape for the huge geodesic dome at the Peats Ridge festival in Australia, New Years eve. In 2014 two of his video/sound pieces were included in the Post Digital Exhibition at Project Gallery, Toronto.



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